The Goodnight Gecko

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The bestselling Hawaiian children's book, The Goodnight Gecko , tells the story of a little gecko who surprises his mother by telling her that he doesn't like the night. His mother proceeds to dispel his fears as one by one she introduces him to some of the delightful sights of a Hawaiian night.

This charming Hawaiian bedtime story has inspired a generation of island youngsters and young visitors to Hawaii and continues to be one of the most successful children's books in Hawaii. 

Product Details:

  • Format: Hardcover
  • Language: English
  • ISBN10: 0961510269
  • Release Date: October 1991
  • Publisher: Ruwanga Trading
  • Length: 32 Pages
  • Age Range: 6 to 8 years
  • Grade Range: Grade 1 - 2

About the Author

Gill McBarnet is one of Hawaii's top children's authors. For nearly 20 years Gill (pronounced "Jill") has been writing and illustrating books with Hawaiian settings, and her words and delightful illustrations have inspired a generation of island youngsters and young visitors to Hawaii.

From a whale who wanted to be small, a brave little turtle, a bullying shark and geckos who like to play hide and seek, Gill has explored a host of Hawaiian themes with liveliness and humor. Her stories are entertaining, comforting, amusing and interesting, and even her earliest books have stood the test of time because a number are still best sellers in Hawaii. "The Whale Who Wanted to be Small", "Wonderful Journey", "Shark Who Learned a Lesson", "Brave Little Turtle" have all been best sellers, and "The Goodnight Gecko" (1991) and "Gecko Hide and Seek" (1993) are still amongst the top 5 bestselling children's books in Hawaii. "Gift of Aloha" and "Tikki Turtle's Quest" are Gill's more recent titles, and "Tikki Turtle" was awarded the Ka Palapala Po'okele "Excellence in Children's Books Award" for 2001. Gill was born, raised and taught elementary school in Zimbabwe, but she and her husband Terry and 3 children Eddie, Will and Tara live on the "valley isle" of Maui, Hawaii, where Gill still draws inspiration for her stories from the people, animals and lifestyle that surrounds her.

Take a look in some of Gill's books, to see how effectively she conveys Hawaiian images, mood, story, humor, information along with a sense of the magic of childhood

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