#SporkItUp Spork

#SporkItUp Spork

  • $5.00

Pacific Whale Foundation partners with Maui Huliau Foundation to reduce waste in our oceans and to support environmental literacy in Maui youth.  

  • Spork = both a spoon and a fork, so no need to carry other utensils.
  • Convenient and easy to use, the spork measures 6-3/4" so it will fit easily into a pocket, purse or beach bag.
  • This environmentally-friendly spork is made of bamboo and can be washed in the dishwasher, although handwashing is the preferred way to clean it.

By participating in #Sporkitup, you are helping raise awareness about the growing problem of disposable plastics and empowering our community to fight back against the throw away life style by reusing an environmentally friendly product! Sporkitup! 

Single-use plastics are plastics that people use once and discard. Common single use plastics we use daily include plastic water bottles, plastic utensils, and plastic cups, lids and drinking straws. While we only use these items for a few minutes, plastic does not biodegrade and can therefore damage our environment for thousands of years into the future. Plastics photo-degrade into smaller pieces of plastic.  These pieces and the chemicals they contain build up in our landfills and oceans where they can harm marine life and even enter the food chain.  Because these items are common and convenient, many people are unaware that the exponential growth of disposable plastic items world wide is having serious impacts on our environment, oceans and wildlife.

#SporkItUp  #ReuseOrRefuse

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