Sea Turtles, An Ecological Guide

  • $23.95

Sea turtles play a myriad of roles in the marine ecosystem. As predator and prey, competitors and hosts, and conduits for energy and nutrient movement, these amazing, imperiled creatures are vital to the continued ecological balance of the seas. 

This book explores the ecology and natural history of sea turtles in an easy-to-read, yet comprehensive format suitable for amateurs and experts alike. 

  • Educators will find a thorough, stand-alone lesson on the intricacies of marine ecology on each page
  • For biologists, resource managers and policy makers, this book is an invaluable reference tool, consolidating many of the most recent theories and research surrounding sea turtle ecology
  • Divers will find a field guide that reaches beyond simple identification, to understanding
  • For conservationists and eco-tourism operators, here is an in-depth exploration of the important roles sea turtles play in natural ecosystems, and the ways in which we can ensure their continued survival
  • Recommended for use by the Curriculum Research and Development Group (CRDG) of the University of Hawaii as a companion text to their Fluid Earth/Living Ocean Marine Science Program, and with other science courses dealing with marine science in middle schools, high schools, universities, and colleges
  • Authors: David Gulko and Karen Eckert
  • Publisher: Mutual Publishing
  • Soft Cover
  • 122 pages

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