Makai Marine Educational Coloring Book

  • $14.95

Learn while having fun coloring!  Olelo Hawaiian translated (bilingual English/Olelo) Includes 18 Hawaiian fish and marine mammals, fun facts, diet, photos, Hawaiian stickers, ways people can help on a personal level, why sharks are necessary for a healthy ecosystem, and sustainable vs non-sustainable fishing. 

  • Created in Hawaii
  • Olelo Hawaiian translated (bilingual English/Olelo)
  • Ages: 6 - Adult
  • Includes fun facts, information about diet and current status
  • Stickers included inside the coloring book
  • Written and illustrated by Che Fausto
  • Translated by Kalamaku Freitas 


Advance Wildlife Education was founded on Maui by Wildlife Biologist, Che Fausto.  It's mission is to promote endangered wildlife outreach and information.

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