Honu Necklace

  • $85.95

This unique Honu necklace beautifully captures the essence of the green sea turtle, a powerful yet graceful swimmer. With it’s large front flippers and a streamlined shell, sea turtles might be slow and clumsy on land, but these animals fly underwater.

Honu is the Hawaiian name for the green sea turtle which is considered a symbol of good luck and longevity. One of the oldest creatures on earth, sea turtles are now an endangered species – wear this necklace as a pledge to help keep the oceans clean and free of plastic, a major threat to these majestic animals.

This pendant is available in sterling silver and comes on a thin sterling silver snake chain necklace.

  • Materials: 100% recycled sterling silver
  • Pendant Length: 16mm (5/8”)
  • Pendant Width: 12mm  (15/32”)
  • Chain: Sterling Silver snake chain 42 cm (16-17/32") 
  • Made in Hervey Bay, Australia by World Treasure Designs


Jewelry with a Conscience - World Treasure Designs donates at least 1% of sales to ocean conservation efforts every year. Joining a global alliance of companies and organizations using business as an engine for positive environmental change, World Treasure is a member of 1% For The Planet. They aim to keep humpback whales, sea turtles and manta rays swimming freely in our ocean for generations to come.

The World Treasure Story - World Treasure grew out of a simple love for the ocean. A love for its wild expanse and untamed beauty, for vibrant reefs teeming with life and color, the soothing repetition of waves crashing on sand and the magic of its blue silence.

Their collection of fine, ocean-inspired jewelry is an expression of that love, designed and handcrafted with the highest standard of attention and care. They also strive to utilize responsible and sustainable materials and give back to protect the earth we all love.

World Treasure was started in 2010 by Australian jeweler, scuba diver and ocean enthusiast Nick Thorp. Nick grew up in the ocean – diving for abalone and crayfish in the cold waters of Tasmania before moving to Hervey Bay, Queensland, the “whale watching capital of the world.” Combining skill and passion, Nick hoped the collection would raise awareness and cultivate a greater love for threatened marine species.

Inspired by the region’s abundant marine life, the collection is still handcrafted right in Hervey Bay, Australia. Nick’s designs are creative and exquisitely detailed, a reflection of countless hours spent studying the migrating humpback whales that make their way through his hometown every winter. In particular, the Humpback Whale Collection was inspired by Nala, Hervey Bay’s very own and much loved iconic humpback whale. Recognizable by her fluke, Nala has been sighted in the Bay for over 20 years now and her life journey is celebrated throughout the range of jewelry.

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