Art Glass Ornament: Striped Red Octopus

Art Glass Ornament: Striped Red Octopus

  • $17.95

These colorful and festive treasures are perfect to hang on your Holiday tree! 

With 8 arms and unique camouflage abilities, the octopus is both mysterious and whimsical. It’s embraced by generations of Hawaiians as a powerful spiritual symbol and a connection with ancestors, folklore and legends. 

The type of octopus that you’re most likely to see here is the Hawaiian day octopus, known as he’e in the Hawaiian language. He’e tends to be small, and generally a combination of brown and tan mottled hues, but like a chameleon, they have the ability to change the color of their skin. The Hawaiian day octopus typically lives anywhere from the shallow reef flats to the deep reef slopes as deep as 150 ft (45 m). As its name implies, this species is most active during the day, and will hide in its den where it can sleep at night. 

To create each ornament, lampwork artists use an open flame torch to melt down glass rods and then delicately shape the molten glass. 

Each Glassdelight ornament has an optional clear loop which allows you to choose whether to hang it on your tree, in a window or on a stand for year-round display.

Dimensions: 3.5"L



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