100% Turkish Cotton Towel

  • $29.99

Known for their lightweight, ultra-absorbent, and incredibly soft feel, Turkish Cotton is regarded as some of the highest quality cotton in the world. Our collection of 100% Turkish Cotton towels not only make great beach or bath towels but also fashionable sarongs, scarfs, table coverings, or home accent pieces.

Created using traditional methods dating back to the 18th century, each towels fabric is individually hand-dyed and meticulously woven using a loom. Made from the highest-quality craftsmanship, these unique towels are not only durable but continue to get better with age. 

  • Measurements: 63" x 38"
  • We recommend washing your towel before its first use. Wash on gentle cycle and dry on low heat or air dry. You'll be amazed at how they become softer with each wash.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners and dryer sheets to maintain their softness and durability.