The Club Bag - Pineapple Crush

The Club Bag - Pineapple Crush

  • $26.99

Be a pineapple!  Wear a crown, stand tall, and be sweet on the inside!  Wear this hand beaded bag to add a splash of color to any look.  Club Bags are the ultimate functional fashion accessory. 

Each Club Bag is made to hold smart phones of all sizes. 

Use it as a wristlet or unsnap the shorter handle to attach it to a larger bag or belt loop. 

Additional features include a cross body strap and a side zipper pouch for your personal belongings.

4.5"W x 7.5"H


The Club Bag Story

Bamboo trading Company’s Club Bags are hand made by artisans in the state of Uttar Padesh in India.  This region of India is one of the poorest of poor.  The families that work with Bamboo Trading Company often support 4-5 family members and are landless laborers who are otherwise employed only during the sowing and harvesting seasons.  Every Club Bag makes a difference in these families lives.

The Club Bags are hand embroidered and beaded by the women in individual homes and they can make 4-5 bags in a day.  Once the Club Bags are embroidered, tailors stitch them.  Each tailor is encouraged to keep an apprentice that can learn the skills and become self-sufficient.  Most workers have no formal training and depend upon each other to learn the skills needed.

The workers have hygienic surroundings, medical assistance and in some cases, fees for children’s education.  They also have access to interest free loans for home repairs, elder care, medical needs and marriages, which in India are a big family expense.

The Club Bag Collection now supports almost 1000 people from the poorest section of India.  It’s Bamboo Trading Company’s hope that they can continue to help break the cycle of poverty by providing work and hope to these Artisans and their families…stitch by stitch, bead by bead.

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